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 if u luv sam... u will luv this fanfic!!

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PostSubject: if u luv sam... u will luv this fanfic!!   Sun 5 Nov 14:54

Note to the reader: This story takes place somtimes before and somtimes
after the movie "Ginger snaps" it is a fanfiction about the character "Sam"
about his life before the movie and a new ending to the movie...

At the time Sam's name was Ian, that was the name he was born with, and may
endup with... Ians father was in the mob, so they had to move alot, Ian had
changed his name many times but always ended up with the name Ian once again,
but this time may be different...

His father was killed, so Ian and his mother moved yet again... he had
changed his name to Sam this time.
his mother died two month's later. Sam never went to school, he was living
by himself in the county green house.

Sam had just been attacked and almost killed by Ginger, she had drug him down
stairs into the basment, he was lying there gasping for breath, ten he heard
Bridget walking slowly down stairs, she made her way down without slipping on
all the blood, still holding the cure for Ginger she walked over then looked
at Ginger and she was so shocked at her "New" apperence she dropper the
cure by acsidint right next to Sam, she was just standing there stairing at
Ginger and Sam, and then with what strangth he had left, Sam reached over and
grabbed the cure and stuck it into Gingers neck just as he did she grabbed
Sam's arm and tosse him right across the room. then the cure started to work,
at that moment Ginger was no longer a wherewolf Sam hit the ground, Bridget
ran over to Ginger, while sam was just lying there...
Bridget and Ginger then went over to Sam, and they thought he was dead,
they both started crying and then Ginger looked at Bridget brefly then
she got up and ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife, cut Bridgets palm
and cut Sams palm and pressed there hands together an waited...

hours passed then they heard a voice calling out "Hello? is anyone here?"
it was there neighbor Erin they knew Sam would be okay with her long as
they left some of the cure with a note on it, so they left him there,
as he was slowly healing...

Erin walked down stairs and found him there with the note and the cure in
his hand, she asked him his name and he said "Ian" so Erin told him her
name and drove him to the hospital.
After that they became very good friends together ther moved and started
going to McKinley high school. next comes final destination three..


Hope u like it!!

XOXOXO ~pip~(Aka Mary)
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PostSubject: Re: if u luv sam... u will luv this fanfic!!   Sun 5 Nov 17:21

Dun dun dun. =p Coulda been longer, but I shtill love it.
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if u luv sam... u will luv this fanfic!!
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